what is a life coach?


  • A collaborative partner for creating change
  • A source of encouragement, accountability and support
  • A brainstorming partner for generating ideas and plans
  • A guide for goal achievement and creating lasting change

why do you need to hire a coach?


You are seeking to:

  • Achieve new levels of satisfaction and fulfillment
  • Grow in their personal and professional life
  • Identify goals and create effective action plans
  • Create accountability and commit to themselves
  • Take responsibility for directing thyeir lives
  • Establish healthy habits, behaviours and states
  • Create lasting change that will lead to their desired results

what can i, as your life coach, do for you?


I can FACILITATE CONVERSATIONS that help you to:

  • Identify and maintain focus on their desired outcomes
  • Determine achievable goals and actionable plans
  • Establish possibilities, options and solutions
  • Challenge their limiting belief systems
  • Develop an empowered state of mind
  • Get and stay motivated, inspired and confident
  • Make decisions to take control of their lives

celebrities and life coaches


Oprah Winfrey "NLP [Neuro Linguistic Programming] helps me to manage audiences and motivate them, it is amazing."

gallery/pharrell williams

Pharrell Williams "I am a huge NLP [Neuro Linguistic Programming] person. I love NLP. [Neuro Linguistic Programming] "

Anthony Robbins "I built my sales career from zero to become the world's best motivator using NLP. [Neuro Linguistic Programming] "

gallery/anthony robbins

Metallica -  The famous band was going through heated feuds and, with the help of a life coach, Metallica was able to align themselves with a common goal and work together in harmony to achieve it.

Serena Williams - During her career Williams was constantly battling injuries to stay on the court. As you can imagine, the constant gruel of playing through injuries can take a toll when you're a high-performing athlete. 

She worked with Anthony Robbins to persist and train through her injuries. It paid off because she ended up winning a Grand Slam.

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gallery/serena williams
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Hugh Jackman - For 20 years, Hugh Jackman wanted the opportunity to work with a life coach (Tony Robbins to be specific). He heard numerous testimonials from other celebrities on how great Robbins was, and he wanted in on the action.

Finally, he had the chance to work with Tony, and he was in awe when Tony's first words to him were, 'I have a gift for you'. Jackman has referred to Robbins as a bright light.



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